Men of reddit, in what ways have you experienced sexism?

Not properly sexism but a women went sexist after she (probably) thought I was Went to the doctor. Got a replacement instead of my usual doctor.

I told her about my concerns about Lyme and how I learned it was no always transmitted by ticks (a very weird looking fly bite me as I was gardening, got a strange epidermic reaction and some family had it for a long time) I'm a shy guy but when I got some reliable information I try to stand my case.

I could tell she felt mansplained or something from her switch in behavior when I just wanted to raise awareness on a seemingly important detail. She told me that only ticks could give Lyme and I said I read a lot on the subject recently and my sources disagreed with her.

She went like "ok I can Google it for you right now and prove my point if you want" I thought she was aggressively joking but she actually went for it. She used the worst keywords ever but even though she found a medical site that proved her wrong.

She was furious but managed to hide it.

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