Men of reddit, what is your thought on sex on first date?

I had one actual relationship (dated for several months but no i love yous) that started this way: She was a new roommate of one of my good friends, we met at the housewarming party, I impressed her and we had good chemistry, after everyone left we had sex and I slept over. We dated for about six months, I left her because I didn't like our relationship dynamic.

She was and is a great person, and we're still friends. And I certainly do not judge anyone for having sex on the first date. But I think it's probably best, if you like someone enough that you might be interested in a relationship with them, to hold off from having sex the first time you meet. I might be biased from my own experiences but I think it just makes it harder to have a clear head about it. If you end up doing it anyway, cool and good luck.

But if you can have a really great makeout session and maybe oral it's probably best to exchange phone numbers after that and come back the next night for the main course.

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