Men in a relationship - what is the biggest thing you miss about being single? If you aren't in a relationship, what's your favorite thing about being single?

Biggest thing I miss about being single: I miss having freedom to do what I want when i want to do it. I miss having my time belong exclusively to myself. Last time I was single (2009-2010), i was also going to school a few days a week and only working one part time job, which gave me a lot of freedom. I used to use that freedom to do great things for myself, namely working out. I used to have three-four days in a row off from my job, so I'd go to the gym and stay there for hours, or go running or biking outside for hours and hours, and didn't need to worry about getting home at a certain time, etc. Now that I'm married and working a full-time job, EVERY FUCKING second is accounted for. If I find myself with a bunch of "free" time these days, guess what: "We have to go shopping!" or "Let's go see this (shitty) movie!" or the worst: I want to go do what I wanna do, but if I want to take as much time as i want to do it, my wife cries and complains that I'm trying to avoid her, or she makes up some paranoid fantasy about me having an affair, and my simple request to just go biking for an hour or two turns into a screaming and crying match. So therefore i've put on a lot more weight and I'm not as fit as I used to be - and guess what? That means I'm also NOT AS ATTRACTIVE as my wife wishes I was - because I'm not the fit, work-out-five-days-a-week guy she met when we first dated. It's like: do you want me to be attractive or not? Do you want me to be healthy and happy? Yes? Then PLEASE allow me more time to be healthy and work out. I have talked to her about this, but like i said, the other factor is that I now work a full-time job. Anyways, sorry about rambling on: I miss MY time belonging exclusively to ME to spend how I'd like to spend it.

Before anyone makes comments, I love my wife and she brings me lots of happiness and security in a lot of other ways - but this issue is huge with me.

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