Men that used to be unfit but now exercise regularly, how'd you get your start? Any advice for someone who has hated sports and any kind of physical activity since toddlerhood?

I do a very minimal weight lifting routine 3 days a week, and a low-mid intensity 30 minutes on an exercise bike every morning. The weights are like a 20-30 minute workout that takes me an hour because I hate it, I hate doing it, it never makes me feel good, before during or after. I basically accepted the fact that I'm never gonna have the motivation to be Mr. Muscles, but if I keep doing my minimal routine I will stay relatively healthy and that's gonna have to be good enough.

I also changed my diet a bit and switched to only drinking water. The diet thing sucks because I love junk food and such and I'm having a lot of trouble getting my weight down to where I want it (just 10 more pounds would be nice). I do not miss soda or iced tea or any of the other stuff I used to drink before switching to water, though.

Since I started this I managed to lose 30 pounds and put on a bit of muscle (not a lot, not as much as I would like) but it took like almost a year.

I kinda treat it all the same way I treated quitting smoking, like trying to beat a high score in a game. I keep a log of what exercises I do every day, how much I weigh in the morning, things like that, so I can see my progress and try to "beat my high score" or keep my "daily log-in reward streak" going. I've always enjoyed gaming so I incorporate those kinds of things into it.

Before all that crap, though, I'd make sure your mental health is in order. Mine's all a shambles but I'm giving it one last try.

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