Men, what kind of sexism do you experience, and what do you think should be done to combat it?

I feel like sexism against men is so normalized that people don't even process the fact that they're being shitty people because sexism against women is seen as much more important to deal with. I was talking to my girlfriend and one of her friends today about this girl I once saw on Tinder who said in her profile that you should message her if you want "a generous serving of misandry" and because it was such a deplorable thing to say I screencapped it and kept it. I showed her friend and she didn't see that big of a deal but when I asked her how she would feel if a man talked about "a generous serving of misogyny" she suddenly had a different opinion. The kicker was that she was complaining about having to ask people if they believed in equal rights on Tinder when clearly she had an odd view of equality because she was so quick to dismiss sexism towards someone else.

If you're from the outside group its easy to shrug it off so its easy for women to shrug off any sexism towards men because its not affecting the in-group. I say this while my parents were legally allowed to have my genitals mutilated after I was born simply because I was male. Something like that is considered a preference to so many people but if a man was to ever say he preferred the women he dated to be circumcised you can bet there would be a shit storm, as there should be.

Even if people recognize sexism against men they will often disregard it because "women have it worse" but when I live in a country where men are the majority victims of violence and genital mutilation, and are routinely discriminated against in family courts while there are women who complain about "manspreading" like it was an actual issue you can tell where there's some bullshit. I'm not saying either sex is more or less victims of sexism, I'm just saying that if men got a tenth of the sympathy that women received we would be one big step closer to actual equality.

My solution is to cut those people out of your life. Just on the circumcision note I have cut so many people out of my life because they said they had a preference or they would do it to their sons. I have too much shit going on in my life to accommodate toxic people who are bigoted to anyone so I suggest you all do the same.

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