Men, what’s that thing weighing on you but you feel you can’t let on about/don’t feel comfortable about being open about?

My life is a god damn circus right now my dudes. Im a 20yr old guy from Croatia that works as a carpenter full time,and instead of going to college (didnt go beacuse i was depressed af after high achool) i figured since im good with computers and like coding im gonna teach myself to become a front end web developer! Yikes,i started about 3 months ago,and its going good but now my life has turned into all week of do full time job / workout after job even though im tired af ( gotta stay fit) / study coding for atleast 2 or 3 hours.

Now being off my lazy ass feels good cuz now im doing productive shit all day,but my social life has taken a hit. Now im from a small coastal town in Croatia and i have 5 very close guy friends and 5 more close ones. No girl friends sadly,but heres the problem:

The only thing these guys do all week is either go for walks or stay in bars staying on their phones...theyre kinda boring which is why im glad im spending my day working and coding.

That brings me to another problem: I have no one to go out with on the weekend. When saturday comes i wanna dress up fancier and hit the clubs,dance,talk to girls. None of them are into that,they all just wanna sit in some pub,stare at their phones all night and go home after gettink drunk doing absolutely nothing,no dancing no girls. Ive known these guys for 20 years i love them but theyre honestly BORING.Wtf do i do just start clubbing alone? Lol

I also never had a girlfriend before.I used to be the skinny af gamer nerd,but all that changed 3 years ago. I now workout every other day at home ( pushups pullups) im 186cm 85kg visible defined abs,and decent face.

My gaming days have left me completely socially inept but i managed to fix that.Im now fit,more outgoing,and all that,so this summer my friend has this bday party and he takes 10 of us to a club. FINALLY! So we are there drinking,having fun dancing,overall i love it. Cue 5am i walk out of the club while all my friends are in there,outside was a group of girls and i start talking to one of them. And finally,we start just cuddling alone in a park nearby,since i was pretty drunk she didnt want more then that for that night,so we exchange numbers,and i call her 2 days later.

She works an hour drive in a different city,but i take my shitty car from 1998 and make the trip. Here the shitty part and reason im writing this: I get there,shes happy af to see me. Even tells its impressive i drove there just for her(off to a good start)We eat dinner at a restaurant and go to a park where me made out and i got to second base(i was so proud of myself here)and we also talked a lot, i will shit you not she was a 8/10 minimum,my friends said she was the hottest girl at the club,without joking.

But the shitty part is even though we had that amazing night together,she ended up ghosting me.She told me she was moving away,she was just finished high school and was going to college to a city near me,where she had to find an apartment and a roomate,she was stressing over this,but as we were parting she said she was gonna text me in a couple of days but she never did. She was even looking at the bus board for buses to my town,and she seemed genuinely excited af to meet me again,so the ghosting part just shocked the hell out of me. After that before she moved away there was like a week left,i asked her out twice,both times she said she was tired,i already knew what was happening then.

Did i do something wrong im not sure,i was hyped af to finally have a gf but it just fell through :(

Sorry for the wall of text,its midnight and i cant sleep so why not write your entire life story for r/askmen lmao.

Being 20 years old and not having a gf sucks,especially when all your friends are boring and dont wanna go out.

And i even kinda fell for this girl,i know im such a wuss,falling for a girl i saw 2 times yay me.

Overall im glad im working and studying,just missing girls in my life :( and more interesting friends i guess


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