Men, what is your opinion on marriage?

If people want to get married and are happy doing so then great, I'm not anti-marriage, but for me personally? Fuck that.

Is it a good thing?

No. I don't see why it is. Aside from the legal benefits it just seems like a ridiculous concept to me. I have to dump loads of money on a ring, then again on a wedding, to be legally bound to someone. Why is this such a societal requirement for me to prove to someone that I love them?

Any incentive to get married?

As much as I hate marriage, I pretty much accept that to make it a deal breaker would remove like 95% of the dating pool for me, so it's something I've pretty much accepted is gonna have to happen. Not really an incentive, but if it means I can be with that person then so be it.

Is it not necessary?

"If you don't dump thousands on a ring then thousands more on a wedding to be legal bound to me in a contract that works against your favour then you clearly don't love me!". Damn right it's insanely necessary. People have been in relationships long before marriage was around so why is it now nearly the only way to stay with someone?

Is it too legally binding?

Yes, way too legally binding. I know people who are still married but "off the record" not together and hate each other but the process of divorce is too tedious for them. And legal benefits, what the fuck?

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