Men who cried misandry over Sarah Silverman's 'rape prevention tips'

Right, when muslim cleric are saying the issue is women not minimizing their risk via clothes and being out late, its victim blaming,

I didn't realize you were talking about fringe fundementalist cultures in the Middle East. Can we not shift the goalposts to include outliers?

Feminists teach warning signs of abusers and also made it public that rapists use alcohol.

I will hold my breathe for when they advise not to drink irresponsibly or bring strangers to your home (and/or bed) when you can barely stand.

The point was out analogies with stealing do not work when don't steal is taught at an early age, and therefore people don't have this idea that theft prevention is primarily to do with victims behaviour.

That is not a very good point. Most morals are instilled at a young age, and the concepts behind not raping people are of the most fundemental and intrinsical to a person's moral development. Society views rapists as complete monsters. Up next, we are going to teach grown adults why they would be bad if they broke into houses and cut tits off of old ladies.

Also I reject your premise that theft prevention is not primarily on the side of the victim, because it is to a much greater extent of other crimes. I lock my doors so a criminal has to commit to the act of breaking it, I use a safe to protect irreplacable personal documents, I watch my possessions like a hawk in public and only carry on me what I can secure, and I have more extreme safeguards I am not comfortable discussing.

So your metaphor just serves to state something that everyone already knows anyway, that is irrelevant to "don't blame the victim" as don't blame the victim doesn't mean there is no such thing as risk and elevated risk.

No, you are missing the point and intentionally it seems. Unless that is, you actually think that I was trying to inform you black people are risky (which you are saying everyone knows anyway?) and not any message about how wrong it is to assign them collective guilt.

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