Men who have a female best friend, what would you do if they confessed they were in love with you?

I did have a female best friend in high school.
Long story, short: it more or less broke her when she realized I didn't and would never see her that way.
I get it...but it was painful to have my best friend, out of nowhere (from my POV), confess all these feelings and want nothing to do with me.
She later apologized for some of the stuff she said but we were seniors and only a month or two from leaving for college when it all came out. So, even if things had been reparable (and I don't think she had interest in it--she likely knew she couldn't remain friends and I'm not sure I could've gone back to it after that) there wasn't enough time left.
So, we were never the same or remotely as close.
When she confessed--she did it online (in a blog...of course) and it was an entry where, basically, she said she had put me on a pedestal and, even if I had been interested, I never would've lived up to that (same thing you see people talking about on here).

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