Men who have married trophy wives, how did/has the marriage turned out?

Yeah I’m super interested in where these responses go. I entirely respect everyone’s ambitions in life, and it truly sounds like you landed in a really fortunate situation. On the other hand, it’s really scary to hear you say that yourself and so many of your girlfriends really want an older man who has money and can support them. Reason: my girlfriend and I just moved to Vermont. She has a great job she’s able to work remotely. I’m an opera singer-turned-chef-turned-farmer and as you can imagine, there isn’t much money during more dormant months. And she’s five years older than me. There goes any bullshit self esteem I’d built up about thinking bringing her and I here would make us both happy, because all I can think of now is how much happier she would clearly be living any other life and with anyone other than me.

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