Men who do not drink and go to bars, what do you do for a social life?

I don't drink alcohol (last time was more that a year ago and only one beer..) Sometimes I go to bars, depends on the theme etc and my friend group at that time. Here is what I do and what I can suggest


Gym, you can have some friend in there if you talk to others.

Video Gaming, its easy to have some online friend if you're a good player or a good person to others :)

Hobbies and other courses, currently I'm taking German language course and got some new friends there.

Certificate courses, time to time I look for this kinda courses, it helps me to have some professional friendships and new point of view about my career.

Social groups, Like couple of local people jog, walk, cycle, climb, clean some area etc.

It really depends on you and what you like. All you need to do is step out and give it a try :)

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