Men who spin plates shouldn't be bothered by women who do AFBB and women who do AFBB shouldn't be bothered by men who spin plates...right?

I was referring to the right to vote, own property, not be beaten by their husband, etc. Though some things are unfair in favor of women right now,

Enjoy the sexual apocalypse, which is an inevitable, unavoidable consequence of feminism, just like serfdom is an inevitable consequence of enforced equality i.e. communism.

you can't deny that things were unfair in favor of men in previous decades.

Yes I can.

More men married due to social pressure. The same number are ABLE to now, if not more, they just choose not to because their is no social pressure to and single life is better.

They don't b/c they don't want to marry washed up 30+ battle-worn carousel-sluts who'll dead-bedroom them then divorce rape them.

Men didn't marry due to social pressure. They married to have sex.

By a return to old marriage you would force men and women into marriages where neither are happy.

Men and women were happier in the past.

Men would be denied the chance to 'spread their seed' (spin plates) and instead receive duty-sex from wives who may not be attracted to them.

No one wants to spin 5s when they can marry an 8.

Men would have no incentive to be better in order to get a woman, since almost every man would have a wife, and so he would be unable to generate genuine attraction from his wife.

Yeah, that's why millennial men are the most hardworking, entrepreneurial men in history.

It would be bad for women, too. They would marry a man for money and because of societal expectations, but they wouldn't be attracted to him or love him.

Women marry men now because they fell off the carousel and are desperate for wife status, it's not love either.

Young, untainted women are much more capable of loving their husband than cock-worn heart-broken sluts who hold a thousand grudges against men. Ask any woman whether their first love was deeper or their 10th love.

Old marriage does make a society more stable, but it makes individuals extremely unhappy.

Look at Married Red Pill or Dead Bedrooms or the divorce rate or think pieces or surveys or just smell the zeitgeist, they're not happier today.

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