Men who started office jobs early, what are some tips about the corporate world you wish you had known?

You are right, you did keep it vague enough. But it would have been awesome if you would have added that it also depends where you are from.

In Switzerland 'working for the image of the company' means to make the image as attractive as possible. Which means metaphorically sucking whatever genitals the employees have.

The marketing boss of a company I worked at once touched me at my shoulder. Me, not really liked being touched, just took a small step away afterwards. This guy apparently was harassing women and HR was informed that he may has touched me in a wrong way. I told them honestly what happened and that it wasn't bad, but I guess what he did besides that was worse, since he got fired. HR was doing what it's there for: creating a work environment where the resources (humans) can flourish and be most efficient.

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