Men (and women if applicable) who became successful with the opposite sex after being unsuccessful in their young to adult life, did it make you bitter, cynical, or spiteful towards the opposite sex?

I’ve lived it. I was relatively shapeless in high school and most of college because I’m a distance runner. I could wear training gear anywhere and men treated me as an equal, talked to me like a person. Looked at my face. Always dated and was popular with men, but a far better quality of men.


After an illness caused a radical change in my figure, the men who come on to me are 90% trash and they always come at me with sexual innuendo and gawk at my body. Apparently the sexual thoughts they have about my body are my fault.


Fuck em. I’m not remotely interested in humoring strangers who come at me with a proposition. Their desire to get their dicks wet is not more important than whatever I’m doing.

Coincidentally, I’m currently sitting on my ass in the shade beside my saw waiting for my crew to join me and both of the men who passed by running on the trail have said something crude to me. I’m dressed like a dude. I’m obviously there to work, not socialize.

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