Why Do Men's Rights Groups Feel the Need to Defame Women Saying #MeToo?

At what point do we get to admit modern feminism is not perfect and if people want to be for men's rights, why not let them be? At the end of the day actions matter and if the men's rights groups are actively advocating for the trouncing of women's rights, then surely they have to be stopped and curbed.

But trying to suppress a movement even before it gathers any mainstream traction doesn't sound good for me. The article still goes on about how feminism allows men to cry and share feelings etc etc. It's not about that anymore as far as I know about indian MRAs. Most of them are victims of their own experiences and thus without help from the systems up joining mra groups cos the system doesn't actively support them.

And for those saying why do they talk only when feminism comes up, well, this post itself is proof. The article shares its distaste for men groups when it's apparent they're trying their best to make their voice heard. Every attempt to make themselves heard gets dragged down and they're told to sit down and shut up. Where in the mainstream media are they strongly supported for them to have their own space? Nowhere, so when feminism comes up, they'll try to latch on to any traction they can gather and ask, "what about us?"

There seems to be a whole religious fanaticism level of screeching when it comes to feminism these days It's almost like there's no space for "wrong think" anymore. "No no you HAVE to be a feminist, period, others are false religions". Doesn't that sound too familiar?

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