Mental health check in today: how is everybody doing? My DMs are open in you need to talk. (I will be doing these every Wednesday starting today).

Kinda pissed at the moment. Just had words with my co-manager, he deliberately decided not to assist a customer with a monetary refund. In a nutshell, all he had to do was make a phone call and get a loan payoff verified. Instead, he told the customer, "when your payoff notice comes in the mail, I'll issue you a refund". That could take several days or even weeks. We have to issue the refund regardless, so why not expedite it and give the man his money. His reason: "He's been bugging me about it and I didn't feel like it". I said we have to pay him anyway, all you did was delay him coming back for the same reason. He said, "Let him wait for his money". I said I need to speak to you, closed his office door and basically told him that he's a asshole and if he doesn't call the customer to resolve this today, I am.

I have no authority to make him do anything, but I sure as shit can make his job tedious by not helping him in other ways. He knows this and needs me more than I need him as far as running this business.

He's got about 30 mins to call this customer.

Rant over. Thanks.

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