Mental Illness & Qanon

I know my hallucinations were brought on by lack of sleep Which were made worse when I went in to get help. They threw a label on me and drugged me into oblivion. Every time I prayed I was told I was hallucinating and more drugs were administered. The first night there I was assaulted by guards. My arms were so bruised the entire thing turned yellow and black. When I confronted them with it I was told they believed my husband did it. Fortunately for me all this happened in front of cameras. They actually seemed shocked that I remembered it happening. The others in there went with me to confront the nurses because they saw it all. I went through days of being told my husband was abusing me. Every family in there was ripped apart. It was mind boggling. Sure maybe SOME were toxic but not all. One was ripped apart because his sister took care of him trying to help him with his addiction but because she wouldn’t give him cash he was being “abused.” It was eye opening and terrifying. After I got my sleep fixed, (after returning home because who can sleep in a 50 degree room with a flashlight being flashed in your face every 15 minutes?) all the crazy stopped. My husband took several days off work so he could watch me. My family watched me sleep because of the nightmares. I’d wake up screaming. I’m better now. I have the nightmares only occasionally. I wish there was something I could do. People are sending people into that hellhole thinking they’re getting help. In there they told me these people basically live in these. There’s a network of them. One girl had been twice in that place in six weeks. They were not having any success at all. There was no therapy. Just sitting there watching tv all day. I was in there for an entire week and had “group therapy “ twice. It consisted mainly of being told whoever brought us here was abusive.

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