A Mental Model of Infinity in The Multiverse

A Mental Model of Infinity and a Multiverse

The time of the multiverse is displayed as an infinitely expanding torus here, torus being the donut or ring shape, eternal both on its would-be surface and within, in constant simultaneous states of birth, life and death. The multiverse, and its timelines, expand inward to less than infinite space and light, the very reaches of infinite in quantity universes, none expanding infinitely in space, and light nor time.

The potential paths for a universe through a multiverse have nearly infinite potential shapes in whichever model we choose, but the beginning and end of the universe's timeline lie at the multiverse's core, where all universes contract to an infinitesimal size.

The core could be infinitesimally small, but not quite zero (core > 0). Any point on the most central possible ring of the (infinite) donut (infinut - sounds more like a very long and painful orgasm... we'll work on it), where the hole is smallest, is equal to this perhaps infinitesmally small number, the place that all universes expand from and contract to. All timelines eventually loop back to their beginning at the end (duration of timeline < infinity), though they are never exactly the same. No universe is exactly the same as another either. Ripples and echos are as close as we come to perfect replication, if we are viewing a still, zoomed-in snapshot slice of a few similar universes/timelines charted in this model.

A timeline in a multiverse could be circular in shape, perpendicular to a cosmic finger poking through the torus' central hole space, its universe expanding to less than infinity from birth at a central core that is infinitely small at the most contracted point of the torus inner ring in 3d space (the multiverse's not-quite-zero point), the core any universe in this multiverse contracts back into at the end of its timeline. Each universe follows a rule of expansion from its birth until contraction to its death.

We can use a 3d model of the 2d symbol for infinity to chart a path less than or potentially equal to infinity through multiple timelines, and thus universes, or by following timelines sequentially.

The multiverse consists of less than infinite potential space, light, time and what I call the waves of existence that are everything else (multiverse = [universe x infinity] < [infinity x (waves of existence x space x light x time)]). Since a multiverse consists of an infinite number of simultaneously existent universes, a universe in this model logically = [the waves of existence + space + light +time] < infinity.

You can insert the "light cone model" into this one, though I didn't have it in mind.

I am working on a silly drawing, but these should be silly enough (http://imgur.com/a/mLmRISd) for now.

Since it is a mental model of the multiverse personally, the not-math is giving limits to what the model can look like or be. The model is a tool to visualize and conceptualize infinity and infinite universes in space and time.

I didn't do the monster math. I simply wrote the reasoning and logic as not-math, where these things are simply combined or related in the model. The not-math helps to mentally conceptualize infinity and less than infinite in size universes. There could be and probably is a scientifically and mathematically sound formula. It doesn't need to be found nor solved to understand the concept. Doing it to prove the concept obviously takes more everything. It may never be proven, the way the seemingly infinite digits of pi may never repeat. It doesn't have to be since the model is successful for its purposes of mental conceptualization. It would be a bonus if it actually is the structure of the multiverse and that exists. I believe in the infinite multiverse, full disclosure.

There are theoretical and speculative rules to the model, ones that are often proposed. It also includes generally accepted models, such as the light cone, where time in the light cone is the timelines or time of this model. The cones displayed in the light cone model are simply the entire limits of space and light in one universe when that universe is looked at as a whole. One must remember that the display of light cones of past and future in the light cone model is simply a still snapshot of a moment whereas this model can be used for that, for charting any path, timeline or universe in a multiverse or for thinking about the multiverse or a universe or any number of them over any length of time.

I used the language necessary to portray the idea logically in words and with the numbers involved, I think are a far simpler way to write them.

The shape of a potential timeline in the torus has almost infinite shapes for its path as long as it loops back to its beginning at the end of its timeline. Like it's a line that loops but where it goes between the beginning and end has less than infinite possibilities due to universes not being infinite. We can choose sequential timelines to chart an infinite path, however, or we can chart an infinite path that simply crosses timelines. The ripples and echos are just the extremely similar shapes, different enough at any point in time to not be exactly the same. The eternal ripples and echos of the multiverse. The ripples and echos of eternity, because even on a less than infinite scale like the potential expansion of a universe, there are infinite potential universes.

This is also a model of the big bang and what happens before a big bang. We mostly have what happened since. The model I have created allows me to make sense of an intimidating scale. But when the numbers are organized differently and displayed differently as visual information, it becomes possible to comprehend infinity and infinite universes in a, or potentially the/our, multiverse.

This began as a model for conceptualizing infinity. I didn't say I had a scientific breakthrough. I said I had a mental model for infinity and a multiverse. I found it extremely interesting for many reasons, scientifically, spiritually and otherwise, that I am not the first to use the torus for conceptualization of the multiverse and probably nor the first to use it as a way to understand infinity either. I had done most of the writing before I knew what a "torus" was. I had never heard of the synestia hypothesis until I was done editing. I had written down the basics and completed an outline before seeing the light cone model elsewhere. The light cone model had no conscious effect on concept, but built confidence. I did not know anyone else had used the torus to visualize nor conceptualize the multiverse, universe, planets, energy nor anything else until I had finished writing. I did not seek out models of the multiverse nor infinity and still haven't as of the last edit to this document. Attempting to document the model I thought of was a mental exercise and then a writing exercise.

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