Mental Skill Ceiling : My friends are leaving me behind.

I feel this. Similar but not the same, I’m the best of my 2 friends that I play with and was climbing fast. Buddy and I climbed from silver to gold and then I started solo queueing a bit bc work schedules were different at the time and I skyrocketed to mid play and he dropped down to low silver. Fast forward to this season I hit a mental wall and dropped down to gold3/plat1.. I’m starting to try different training methods and it’s helping a lot at just getting better even though my rank doesn’t show it. Instead of hopping in free play and passing to myself off the wall and trying weird things to get powerful touches I’m trying training packs and grinding different mechanics. Haven’t been able to rank up too much because I am still hard carrying my friends some games who are low gold, but my abilities have got way better.

Sorry for the wall, but I would recommend switching up how you practice/warm up. Got my friend to do it and he climbed 2 ranks in a week. Sometimes you just need to think of things differently and get a different skill set going

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