My name's Denny. Hi. There's nothing like that first cup of dark, dark, dark roast in the mornin. Just let me have a little sip here... Not bad, not bad. A little bitter. Could use a little sugar. I always put a little, maybe a teaspoon of sugar in there, becom- a little tablespoon of coffee- ah, milk. Ah, it's real good though. Uh, we all need our little, ah, little boosters in the morning to keep us in high spirits and um, I'm feeling good now. I got it- It's kicking in. I can feel it. It's real kick- really kicking in now. Ah, so, this nice hot cup of coffee, and it's a nice hot cup of Johnson here. Yea. I'll give it another little toke- a little taste test here... Yeah, it's re- it's real real bitter, ah, this is real strong coffee, ah, it's real good coffee. It's real expensive coffee, but it's real bitter, and ah, some people aren't really into the bitterness. I s- personally really like to have a bit of a bitter aftertaste in a [sniff] nice c- real coff- real coffee- real-real-real-real-real coffee has that that that ah, nice, um, that nice ah coffee-bitter aftertaste so that you can feel the bean in your, in ah, tongue. But, the viscosity is a little high for- for some people; they're not into that. I'm-s- personally into that, a little bit of a molasses texture. Aaaa's no- there's no transparency as you can see. Aaaah, feelin pretty good now. My mind's workin real click now- clickin clickin clickin and it's clickin for me. So, there's a little-... Presentation's all important - I've got a nice big white cup that I put it in. A'sz s'a tall cup of coffee and I put it in and it's like a classical- ah cafe cup- hhha coffee cup. Uh, it-it-it-it-it-it-it-it reminds me of all the t- other times I've been happy and sitting in a cafe [breathes] with someone I appreciate and so it's like all the coffees and all the happiness in- that I've ever had is reminded to me like Pavlov's theory in the morning and I start to salivate n' my mind starts clicking and clicking, and aaaaaaaaaaaah, it's a nice...... reflection in it. It's a reflective dark, dark, dark, dark coffee. Some people aren't into the.. strong coffee. I personally am. I like the bitterness in the aftertaste. AAAaanneeeiiillpasthertheeee translucency is perfect for me and uh' some people aren't into the bitterness But I personally love it. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah the- the cut can channel the heat perfectly. Some cups are a little thermic-thermic and they can't- they don't- they can't- they don't- transmit the heat the way I like and I don't know what the temperature of the coffee's gonna be. Could be luke cold- could be freezing cold. So, I like to have it a little bit of a- aaaaaah stoneware that can transmit the heat a little better cuz I'm really want to know how the coffee's doing I- I personally know hohawer AAAHUHHHHwannaknow how the coffee-h-h is doing [breathes] I wanna know what it's feeling [breathes] is it warm is it hot is it cold? Iieeeee wanna know. Is it gonna burn me, or freeze my tongue? Uhhaaaaaaaaaaaam, soooooooooooooOOOOoooOOoOOOooOOOOO dis is da type of coffee I like it's a Colombian mixture- [hhhhHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh] i'nd a dark n strong cuz I'm personally into that - the bitterness sOOoo the Colombian beeEEEEEeaaan [hhhhHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhh]

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