MEPS taking forever to get back to recruiters!

Going on 13 months, and even though it’s for a different branch the experience is all the same. First recruiter deployed, second recruiter finally got my app submitted, he dicked around and my app expired, MEPS requested documents from over 10 years ago that I have tried and am unable to get, have had to request other docs a second time bc the forms expired, now submitting med docs for a second time to MEPS and will hopefully have some response in 2-3 weeks. I have been told 11 times (I counted) over 13 months “we’re going to have you at MEPS for your physical within the next month.” It’s hard to not get angry with the entire system. I’m almost 30 so I have way more work and medical history than your 18yo applicants but I don’t think I’m an applicant that a recruiter would look at and expect to get rejected. Between recruiters not being on top of things and MEPS being as slow as it is, it just gets demoralizing and you feel like you’re wasting your life sitting in the same spot not knowing if you should try and continue with other paths bc you’re always being told “next month.”

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