Mercatus Study Finds Medicare for All Saves $2 Trillion in 10 Years

No. I understood that part.

However, currently people are insulated from what their healthcare actually costs. We might spend 3.6T through a byzantine system of private and public payers, but people don’t see that cost for the most part.

However, if you suddenly put that full cost on their tax bill, they’ll see it. And they won’t care at all when you say: “But we’re saving 2T in the aggregate...”

The only way that Obama was able to get the ACA passed at all was because he was able to get doctors, insurance companies, and any health care entity with skin in the game to endorse it. And there was still massive resistance.

This bill literally says they’re going to cut doctors salaries by 40% and the American taxpayer is going to see his/her tax bill double (and it still might not cover the cost). People flipped shit when their insurance premiums went up by 50%. “Ok, no more private insurance premiums, but you’ll still be paying a lot more on tax day...P.S. Fuck Doctors”.

And you don’t see what the inevitable political consequences of that will be? Enjoy the Republican control of government in 2024, 2026, 2028, 2030...

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