Mercedes has "good ideas" to improve record-breaking W10

You're forgetting the fact that Mercedes had already started developing their hybrid technology before 2014, and they were instrumental in making the hybrid era a reality earlier than what was planned, using their political power.

They had a head-start from the beginning, and they have been on the top because of that. To solely say that other teams aren't good enough and can't catch up because of their own failings isn't exactly being fair, as Mercedes has played on this head-start and has always been one step ahead because of this.

Sure, Ferrari shouldn't make these mistakes and sure, Honda did have some huge issues with their PU from the beginning of the hybrid era. But Mercedes didn't exactly create a level playing field.


I'm honestly hoping that Bottas beats Hamilton, and I enjoy watching him win races. But to blindly rooting for Mercedes and being happy that they are dominating everyone else is incredibly naive.

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