Mercy, in particular her Ultimate, even in its current form is overpowered

You don't need team coordination to drop down on a group of people as Reaper, you don't really need team coordination to throw a D.Va bomb, you don't need team coordination to pop a Zenyatta ultimate and save everyone from a barrage of offensive ultimates and you certainly don't need team coordination to rip tire 3 people. All of these would do better WITH team coordination but don't REQUIRE it to be effective. Now I'm going to argue that a Mercy ultimate without co-ordination is just effectively a mini rez ultimate and an AoE heal. You act as if Mercy just flies her and does nothing and insta wins, that isn't the case at all. Damage boosting requires your entire team to be grouped up and successfully hitting targets, just like Orisa. Healing works the same just as Zenyatta. /u/idontcarewhatsoever is correct, it's an ultimate, rez is powerful and that's her ultimate.

Now if everyone has a problem further with new Mercy they need to be making suggestions on how to change it instead of just culling and making her semi unplayable because that's all people are doing. I know the hate boner is strong for Mercy right now but I'm seeing nothing but nerf after nerf after nerf until she's acceptable but put into the ground.

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