Merkel says US calling European cars a threat is 'frightening'

Oh word, where did I say any nation is perfect? Every nation has problems. The difference is recognizing them and trying to fix them vs doing the same thing over and over. You guys have been killing innocent people in the name of freedom (cough, oil and money, cough) for decades.

You see, here in Canada we realized that the native population is not being treated well, so we overwhelmingly voted (~70%) for the guy that was focused on those issues.

If you really want to talk about contributing to society, you really dont wanna start that fight. Im an Oncologist. My job is to actually save people dying from cancer. Its ok, you can backtrack on that one, Ill let that one pass.

Its one thing, if this was just a bad election where you people screwed up. Everyone deserves forgiveness. But you guys have been doing the same shit for decades. You think Obama dropping missles on innocent people from drones was dope? How about Bush and Iraq? Iran-Contra, Vietnam, Iran? We could go on and on. But you have been electing war starting, election meddling leaders for longer than I have been alive. When do we start to blame the population that put these people in power?

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