The Mesh and Player Access to Information

I guess I would say a couple things here:

-If they ask for details you don't have (like they suddenly want to know all about Mars when you guys are playing on Titan) then tell them you don't know it off the top of your head and they can read about it in between sessions or you can get back to them next week.

-What I sometimes do when they get schematics for a building that I didn't even intend for them to be in, is I just tell them they have the schematics. You don't need to conjure a map out of thin air. If I'm feeling particularly crafty, I've got a whiteboard behind me, so I'll sketch something out as though I had it on hand.

-If they ask for a city map, tell them they have it. If they want to see an actual map, tell them there aren't any you could obtain. Let them know they are free to map any city / habitat they like, and you'll make it canon so long as it doesn't contradict the source material. Often times they want these kinds of things so they can try to set up an ambush or something. Call for a research check and then sketch out a good ambush location on the whiteboard behind you :)

-Astrological charts, from the point of view of other planets & locations aren't really something that exists to my knowledge. And I can't imagine it would possibly be relevant. If you want things like charts of the solar system, they have some in the books, or you can just google something. Or tell your players to roleplay and make them actually look it up :)

In general, it should be fine to tell your players they have certain details without actually having to describe all of the details. If my players pull up a report, I give them a summary. If they actually expect me to write an entire technical report, complete with jargon, they better start paying my rent as well as giving me a generous stipend since I'm going to have to quit my job.

Hope that helps!

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