Met Police: Run away and call 999 if you feel in danger when stopped by lone officer

I watched my mum get the shit kicked out of her when I was 11/12, one night I thought he was going to kill her, so I took the phone, ran outside the house and called the police. Those fuckers didn't send anybody until a day later, after he'd already beaten her to a pulp and left.

9 years later I found myself in an abusive relationship, I eventually ended it and then got stalked, harassed, assaulted and had my car broken into multiple times for around three months afterwards, I finally had enough and called the police when she followed me to a friends house one night and assaulted me there, they arrested her, then arrested me the next day due to false counter allegations,.

I was told a few days later that she admitted lying, following me, assaulting me and causing damage to my car, and do you know what happened? Precisely fuck all other than having both of our statements ordered to lie on file.
I mean this wholeheartedly when I say, fuck the police, they've aways been useless.

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