I met Willow Pill.

Avril Lavigne had Lyme Disease in April-May 2014 and struggled to find a doctor for 8 months.She then met with Yolanda Hadid who also had it and she suggested Avril a doctor.In December 2014,she was diagnosed with Lyme Disease.Avril has always been nice and super friendly in meet and greets with fans.She meets fans for free as well and also brought people with disabilities at her shows for free.I met her a few months ago and she signed posters,took pictures,gave guitar picks and had a good 5-10 minute conversation with me.She has a history of being harassed,stalked and even attacked and getting beaten up(happened in the US,2011),the same year there was a bomb threat at a UK concert as well as a fan jumping up on stage in Brazil also in 2011.There was a similar incident in 2013 in China.She's actually very sweet and nice person and always has been.

Here's the Lyme Disease video during which she cries.

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