[meta?] can we actually have a stickied post that makes it very very clear what is pussfied and what is not?

This isn't /r/legaladvice but that's debatable anyway. Again, my house, my rules.

which seems pretty dehumanizing, "bend backwards for me or be homeless"

Worship? Are you fucking kidding me? It's called respect. You know, for the woman who gave birth to you, raised you, paid for you to survive, bought you shit you need, took care of you, provided a home for you, etc. etc. etc.

something they are obligated to do by law, once they gave birth to you. This is not something one should be grateful for, it is something that parents are obligated to do one way or another. laws of almost every country state this,its not something i came up with. this is like an equivalent of saying i should be grateful you didnt beat me to death, by law youre already required to not beat me to death (maybe not best analogy but im sure you get what i mean)

Yes, OP's SAT test is important. So is the mother's day dinner. There's no reason one even has to be weighed against the other, but OP certainly didn't need to come home and stuff their face then act like a little bitch about going out to dinner.

see this backs up into me asking how OP is entitled, heres how i see it: OP had SAT test, came home tired, with a headache and hungry, ate a sandwich, while they were traveling back to home after the SAT test, their mom called and asked when they can go to a restaurant - OP said they didnt know, said they didnt feel well, just relaly didnt know when. Came home, ate a sandwich to feel better. OP's mom asked for them to come to the restaurant, OP refused, said they didnt want to eat. Mom flips shit on this, starts screaming and breaks things. How is this entitled from OP? they had a long day, and were not feeling well. They now have to bend backwards for this woman because she wants it her way ? if anything the mother is entitled, she didnt even care that her own son wasnt feeling well.

please explain to me on the basis of this previous paragraph, how precisely this makes OP entitled..i just cannot understand it on my own...what are they feeling entitled to? their own wellbeing? that sounds quite reasonable....

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