[META] Why is the CSGO scandal being swept under the rug?

I don't hate Valve. Did you read literally the first sentence of my second paragraph? I'm sorry I don't remember 1:1 the time frame, I mistook the Christmas event drama for the paid mod. And again, that was bad enough on Reddit. People defending a billion dollar company (they're my friend!) as being on "vacation" and not handling a fucking crisis if there ever was one. At the time people didn't even know what was going off and if their whole site/client was compromised or not because this asshole and his self admitted "There's no bosses here at Valve, everyone can work when they want to/at their own leisure" (highly paraphrased because I don't remember the quote) hippie, liberal, neckbeard asshole was on vacation and some 15 year olds who already hate that other people are playing games on le ps4 or xbox one sat there arguing on behalf of a billionaire because he didn't have a tech or at least a PR agent on site as they all went to party.

So yeah, I'm just a little salty when I see criticism of anything ever that isn't le lord Gaben get blown out of proportion then see idiots doing everything they can to make excuse after excuse for him. Sorry I got the number of days wrong.

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