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There has been a lot of talk of what people are entitled to. I really want to clear up this recurring topic.

Here's the thing: CLG makes money off hype and fandom. The greater their community outreach and popularity, the better sponsorships they get. E-sport has successfully monetized popularity and goodwill, organizations acting to sell a product with their positive perception to thousands.

A relationship exists b/w a fan and a team. A fan supports the team, provides eyeballs on graphs you show to sponsors, watches your streams which themselves have ads and adspace in overlays, cheers for you creating further hype in the whole community for your matches increasing viewership as you wear jerseys with a dozen logos on them, maybe even tolerates all that Celucor stuff. A team delivers on its promises to fans, it performs in game, it communicates with the fanbase, and it tries its best even if it doesn't win.

The current relationship is far from an equal one. One party is getting most of what they want while the other is critiqued for even mentioning this inequality. CLG has made several promises both in-game and out-of-game which it has failed to keep. NO one expected #GoldenAge and no one expected a VLog. CLG currently has all the benefits of hype and fan following despite being a 6th place team that got 3-0'd by TeamLiquid and can not teamfight at all. Ignoring this, for the 2nd Split in a row they have had issues with coaching and are one again taking fans for a ride.

I have never attacked Link personally, in fact I complimented him. But, "community=cancer", right? Thanks for the personal insult dude, if you think I ever want a team you are part of to win again, think again.

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