Meta: Why was a post regarding Louis CKs new special removed?

Sounds like we have mods who aren't fit for the job.

If we can allow numerous topics where people ask the same questions every 3 days because they're too lazy to scroll down a bit, we can allow this.

If we can allow topics where people are just shitting on a comic because they don't like their special, we can allow this.

If we can allow people to post their shitty cell phone footage of their first time on stage where they get zero laughs, we can allow this.

Makes absolutely no sense that mods allow bullshit like that constantly, but you'll delete conversations that are about one of the biggest comedians in history as he releases new material.

If you can't moderate without letting your personal feelings dictate what you deem acceptable in this sub you shouldn't have any power in this sub whatsoever.

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