Metal Gear Solid 4 - Snake Meets Big Boss

Well writ. I'll piggy back and add that in the MGS series you obviously play both sides of the Coin. Big Boss is a real son of a bitch, his Mother so to speak, The Boss, and her pseudo defection and hap hazardous violent plan to save the world from the outbreak of a nuclear war, her painful sacrifice(s) for the greater good fucked Naked Snake's psyche up, he took the wrong lessons from his mentor and became the kind of Soldier she had not intended. A figurative Nationbuilding war mongerer, for whom the battlefield's camaraderie itself was this militant nation without borders, where the soldier itself was valued, Militaires San Fronteirs so to speak, a place for fucked up ideological soldiers like him. He sought to build Metal Gear as a Nuclear deterant, a mobile nuclear platform to protect this mobile nation. Three games you play out this Father's history, Three as the Son's effort at absolution. -- Sins of the Father is a common theme in the Solid Snake games, his experience at Shadow Moses changed his viewpoint on a Soldier's unquestioning servitude to the Battlefield, he was unbeknownst to him, used as a tool for ulterior objectives (foxdie to darpa chief, him being the lesser clone in the les enfants terribles project) and so he broke off from his role as a government asset and formed Philanthropy with Otakon, an organization with the intent to shut down the threat of Metal Gear, something both their Father's had created. The antithesis of Big Boss's objective of indoctrinating others and wielding power. They were few and surgically covert.

I know mine is not very political, but what I'm trying to establish is despite the military porn subject matter, its very much a direct and strong anti-war/anti-nuclear/anti-misinformation message if you play the series in its entirety. Its ultimate message is to break the cycle of war and leave a better world for our children. Unlike what Big Boss did to his Son(s).

PS. [yes I know, Venom's a shoe in and not Big Boss, but he essentially did what BB wanted, and BB did the same motions nationbuilding off scene to form Outerheaven in Zanzibarland, the Twist about Venom being just a random conscript was brilliant because it let you see the Monster Big Boss was, the lengths he went to setup a decoy operation to achieve his plans elsewhere. Despite having played a whole game basking the Hoo Rah of his comrades, by the end, you literally saw the vengeful horned Demon he had become and how he was used so callously used by Big Boss. Yet Kojima's master stroke is you were somehow sympathetic to them throughout, despite knowing Venom was just a decoy to sacrifice so BB could continue his plans from the shadows - [ this fan comic extrapolates that point brilliantly](]

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