MetalManiacMat receives a bomb threat from a telemarketer that's reached the end of her leash.

I once worked tech support for an American voip phone company, a lot of our customers were Middle Eastern or Indian since we offered extremely cheap international calling rates. Had been there maybe a year-ish when one lady of some Middle Eastern descent was so pissed that she racked up thousands of dollars in calls (claims she wasn't aware of the rates), she literally threated to find my call center in the US, and come with a suicide bomb strapped to her. Of course I let her speak to a supervisor who, just like me could not authorize a credit or any kind of bill reduction that large. When it was all said and done I was a little freaked out, I wanted to report it to the police and asked my supervisor about it, they asked the floor manager (their supervisor basically) and were told a stern "no" to that, since I had signed a NDA when I was hired, even though she made a terrorism threat, if I took her information to the police or the government I would not only be fired on the spot but also face a lawsuit for violating my NDA. Would she actually do it? Who knows but the fact that I was worried enough to want to report her but couldn't knowing I'd lose my job and my own company would sue me for violating that NDA.. I was only clearing 22k a year at that job it was all I had at the time. But yea this kinda shit? Happens more than you think, and all those calls ARE recorded and stored on backups, for years.

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