Method for "Confused" On Gunner Spec Tree

Good on you

Your post reminded me, and excuse me rambling: I responded to a 'call for back up' from a psn friend a couple of days ago who it turned out was doing the GWH for these kills, same way you're talking about - luring them out. Funny thing was he just kicked me from the group seconds after me turning up and before getting chat going

He sees himself as a bit of an elite, joined one of the 'top' clans he tells me, but he did message me after to say he was farming these kills and must have called for backup accidentally so fair play and no hard feelings

However, I didn't have the heart at the time (or inclination) to tell him I'd already completed the spec and could have Banshee pulsed him to completion in minutes, but there you go. I guess I'm evil

I hope your post helps someone. I reckon it will and that's why I always upvote anyone who tries to help others

Cheers bud

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