do you think this method would work?

I mean.. maybe?

You might feel more satieated having a 300-400 calorie meal for lunch vs a smoothie, but if your smoothie keeps you full for hours then go for it.

For dinner could you try focusing on adding more veggies while moderating the fun stuff by portion size?

So if you have homemade pizza, have one slice but a voluminous salad that fills up most of your plate. For spaghetti you could make a side of parmesan roasted broccoli. Maybe you can make some pan roasted veggies or veggie stir fry that you can throw on your plate with each meal? I think focusing on adding more to your meals will make you feel like you're not as restricted, and it'll make the 1-2 servings of the other stuff more filling.. thus creating a deficit without a lot of effort.

Or you could find the calorie amount of your favorite foods and figure out what portion is equal to whatever your calorie goal is. Then when you rotate through your favorite meals you already know what the calories are without tracking.

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