Metro Vancouver woman has doctor-assisted death cancelled just three days beforehand | News Talk 980 CKNW

So elbowgate didn't occur during a vote on how much longer the house would debate the assisted dying bill? They then didn't spent the next couple of days falling over themselves to find fault and apologies on each side of the aisle as opposed to dealing with the impending deadline. It's not irrelevant complaining if it's what actually happened.

Yes the deadline was set a year ago by the supreme court and essentially ignored by the conservatives before the election. The liberals had little to no time to pass a bill and then burned how many days because the house dissolved in to accusations of abuse.

While not the only factor it was a huge factor as to why we had weeks without legislation on this. They then managed to push a bill through with blinding speed a few weeks later but their childish actions (all political parties guilty here, with the notable exception of May being the levelheaded voice of reason) absolutely led to extending the amount of time the country did not have a law on the books for this.

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