Mexican police officer who arrested El Chapo's son is assassinated in a hail of bullets

What do you think about the Chicago drill scene? I personally think it's harmful and regressionist af. People love to discount the influence and imagery of the movement by saying "it's just entertainment!", I disagree.

It's easy to say shit is entertainment but you still are what you represent. I come from a Christian and Hebrew Israelite background. My parents sung and hymed about righteousness. Not about murder and vengeance. About unity and building together not about factioning off and killing each other.

It's a shame because Chicago had a strong Black Panthers chapter at one point. I'm not sure how the gangs formed up there but I always get upset when people praise Larry Hoover and Jeff Ford instead of Fred Hampton and Stokely Carmichael. They were the leaders of the BPP who were opening up food banks and positively helping the community.

I've heard people say "the gangs started off good in the community and turned bad". I've always been skeptical of that view. Even if a number of them did, why continue to be a member of an unfit organization?

I really hate that the destructive gangs took over that environment instead of the uplifting ones.

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