Mexico City Sex Workers Left Homeless Without Benefits as Coronavirus Spreads

NOOOO not the whores! NOT the prostituterinos! Anything but the taxes-unpaying streetwalkerinos! Not my sex workerinoos NOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Only coomers & simps highlight this "issue" in the middle of a pandemic that affects everyone. As much as I hate calling laying on your back a "profession" I still symphatize with people who at least did their duty and paid taxes in countries where prostitution is legal and protected.

Half of Mexico explicetly forbids streetwalking, and in the other half the corrupt government either looks the other way or there are no laws concerning this topic in the first place. Seeing as most "professionals" chose the profession because it's quick and easy money while foregoing the usual safety nets actual jobs come with I personally don't want to see them being supported with government funds. Go ask your pimp for help, that's who you paid taxes to.

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