Mexico reaches one million COVID-19 cases, nears 100,000 deaths

I live in Mexico.

You're wrong. In my state our rolling 7 day averega is 65 new cases per day, 5 deaths, & 143 hospitalizations for a population of 2,250,000. (all of those numbers have been dropping for weeks, we will soon go from orange to yellow)

Here we are having one new case for every 34,600+ residents.

Yesterday the US had over 183,000 new cases reported on a population of 328 million. Let's do the math (checks calculator)

There the rate is one new case for every 1,792 people.

The numbers are definitely under reported in all countries globally. Working with the available data it's a long goddamn stretch to say Mexico is not doing well especially compared to the absolutely abysmal horrific numbers from the US.

Let's look at that one more time.

Here: 1 :: 34,600

There: 1 :: 1,792

I realize I am comparing my states data to that of the US. It's what I have available and is data I have personally been tracking since March. It still makes for a fitting comparison.

There are 3 red zones in Mexico right now, Mexico City being the largest, for 31 states.

The NYT recently showed a chart that had the entire lower 48 states in the US in the red.

Here in Mexico , again according to NYT, we are second in the world in mask compliance at 85% (Philippines 1rst at 92%) while the US is at 59% and we have had a mask mandate nationally since beginning of April.

trump basically telling the US citizens that not wearing a mask in public was OK really fucked you guys up. Amazingly 41% of your population still doesn't wear a mask in public! (that's insane)

Those are the facts my friend.

1 :: 34,600

1 :: 1792

Good luck if you're in the US.

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