Mexico senator proposes taking back land from the US if Donald Trump becomes president

Well, I'm considering some of their best armored vehicles close to the US border are MRAPs and HMMWVs and some of our most powerful US ground force bases are close to the Mexican border (Ft. Hood, Ft. Bliss, Ft. Irwin, Camp Pendleton) and that those compared to Abrams, Bradleys, and more anti-armor missiles than most nations combined.

And I'm not leaving out many of our nearby airborne hardware in places like Miramar, Yuma, Holloman, Dyess, barely finished toys in NAS Ft. Worth, etc.

Also, most of the states hugging US/MX borders are very open carry friendly, in case they have some Tlaloc possessed kaiju capable of routing our most of our armed forces in the southwest.

And that most Mexicans in the northern region aren't respected much by the centralized elite in Mexico City (recently a.k.a. CDMX, a.k.a. 'chilangos,' if you want to piss them off), and won't be very supportive once the Mexican forces are routed and places like Nuevo Laredo, Juarez, Tijuana, etc. see a minimal Pershing style retaliation akin to a century ago. Some might even be happy to see the presidential palace on fire considering the current Astro-boy president.

All I can say to those who said this and el Copeton and his croonies: intentalo, mis chavos.

Source: live near one of these bases.

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