MFW I realize 9 hours later that I forgot to go to a bridal shower that I RSVP-d to. I didn't forget, however, to snapchat my ENTIRE DAY to the bride-to-be.

Wow. I'm sorry you feel bad but, it is deserved. That's pretty amazingly absent minded. I would have a hard time believing our friendship mattered to you after something like that. If you're frequently this forgetful you should put everything in a calendar app or set phone reminders as soon as you RSVP for something. Forgetting once is a mistake but if you're that person, the one who is always sorry but never changes, that's not good. When it is a pattern it just comes off as selfishness. If you know you are forgetful but do nothing to help with that, then you might as well have done this on purpose.

Sorry to be harsh just people who forget important things and are always "so sorry", but not sorry enough to make sure it doesn't happen again, really get to me. I have a terrible memory so I make constant reminders for myself because the people in my life are important and I don't want to let them down. So I don't.

Again if you've never done this before, cheer up, everyone gets a free fuck up now and again. But if you're known for doing stuff like this, wallowing in self pity neither fixes the problem nor does anything to make it up to the person you wronged. All it does is give you undeserved attention and demonstrated you're not really grasping the full extent of your behavior.

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