Michael Bennett dangerously rolls into the centers leg. Sheldon Richardson ejected for throwing a punch.

Hold up for a second It is easy to assume that Michael Bennett made a dirty play, however look at the circumstances and look closer into what he was doing and you shall see that is clearly incorrect. Bennett attempted to bat the ball with his left hand, and subsequently fell when diving for the ball. He made NO notion that he was trying to knock down the center, in fact he did all but show that intent. Also look where the Seahawks are. They needed to win this game, because if they lose next week, the probability of them making the playoffs decreases to such a slim margin. The play was not done out of anger, frustration, or disrespect, but rather trying to win seattle the game. Presumably, the only dirty result of this play was the scuffle that proceeded. However, you cannot put blame on either team until you hear what was said, since maybe someone was told something that is very unwelcome on the playing field. Who knows. So before you jump on the hate bandwagon look at this issue with a different perspective, maybe you might see something differently

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