Michael Gove’s reforms make English a joyless slog, warn teachers

There is a danger though that the pursuit of Mammon will marginalise subjects that are beneficial to personal and cultural development.

Literature, philosophy, history etc are all subjects that, unless one is intending to go for a very specific career, are not going to be directly impactful on getting a job. They can be very important for developing ones character and gaining a deeper insight into human interaction and behaviour though, which will indirectly affect ones ability to interact in society.

I work in a technical field, and I value very, very highly the STEM subjects - and promote them whenever I can, but the idea that universities should change/are changing from a place of general higher education and enlightenment to factories designed to churn out "marketable" candidates for business and industry is a sad indictment of our societal values, one which I feel will be detrimental to us as a whole.

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