Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 11/9” Aims Not at Trump But at Those Who Created the Conditions That Led to His Rise - Glenn Greenwald

Middle class is right, but the caveat is people don't understand what middle class means.

Middle class means petite bourgeois. The core demographic is affluent suburbanites with little education and essentially useless goldbricking white/grey collar jobs where they pretend to do something for an hour every other day or so. They have have fairly cushy suburban lifestyles and, through the entire neoliberal era, they've been seeing the real wealthy in front of them – the big managers, capitalists, proprietors – shoot off into the stratosphere while their real wages and standards of living stagnate or slightly decline.

It's seriously worth keeping in mind that America's white middle class is affluent, overwhelmingly racist and, for the most part, dumb as shit.

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