Michael Pascoe: PM, how do you let COVID rip in aged-care homes?

It's easy Michael, you start with an absolute and galling contempt for the lives of others.

Then you refer to them as needing to be 'in circulation', like they're units of currency, instead of human beings.

Then you perk up at the sound of business lobbyists and anti-vaxxers whining about how "tired of lockdowns" they are and how they "want to go back to normal", even though there is no more fucking normal. This is our normal now, and covid doesn't care how tired we are.

Then you pander to that minority of fuckwits by telling them yep, we're done with restrictions, she'll be right, we're going to live with covid. And of course what you'll actually mean is many people will die from covid, but hey, we're back to that contempt thing.

Oh, and you've got to gaslight everyone else. Tell them 'we can't afford another lockdown' despite the rest of the world and the experience of the last two years clearly demonstrating it's actually widespread outbreaks that fuck up economies.

Don't forget to blame everyone else for your inaction by declaring they all need to exercise "personal responsibility", because of course, we elect governments to collect bribes, not to gasp *lead.

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