Michelle’s upbringing

i had just barely turned 13, the women in my church told me that i was the woman of the house now. i was taught how to cook, clean, and be quiet and feminine. my dad and adult older brother didn’t have to do any of the things i was doing and i was filling that mother role everyday.

i was also told so many times that my mom died for a reason and god was teaching me a lesson through it. my mother was severely mentally ill and it was untreated, i was clearly being abused and no one really stepped in because it was between “her and god”.

my church didn’t protect me when there were older men being predatory towards me, it was just my job to distract them away from myself and onto god and his word. there is a lot more i can say about everything but i don’t know if i can explain it and it’s really long.

i would imagine the church preying on michelle would have been more adult? like involving children, pregnancy, etc.

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