Michigan Groups Offering Free Auto Repairs to Help Avoid Police Stops

Speaking of not being able to afford something new. Who the hell can?! It's absurd. We recently bought a newer car for the wife as we were gifted a small bit of money after a death in the family. I got curious and have been looking at newer trucks for myself. I can't figure out how people can afford to finance these side by sides, snowmobiles, new SUV's, trucks, cars etc. Just the truck I've been eyeing up would be $600/mo, plus probably $300/mo for insurance, plus fuel. Which makes me sick. For 7 years!? I'll stick with my 90's toyota.

Glad someone's doing something to help out their community though. What would be really neat is if they also offered a bay with a lift and full toolbox, parts washer etc. and rent it for either an hourly, daily or weekly rate. Something affordable like $39/day, tools included. Give people somewhere to wrench on their own stuff if they'd like.

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