Michigan homeowner shoots 2 intruders; both found dead

It's hyperbole.

This is the internet. Most of the "facts" are (like yours) are carefully decontextualized tidbits. This little "report" you cite has made its way around the 'alternet' (right-wing nutjob net). But you know that the Federal Government has forbidden doing actual research on gun deaths, right? They have. Because of the NRA lobby.

I'm not an expert on domestic violence, or gun violence. But neither are you. You're a volunteer (I assume) propagandist, and I'm an American citizen who is sick-to-fucking death of the NRA and all of the right-wing gun nuts who are literally getting our children killed.

Your 'facts' are bullshit. And, if I were to do the same as you (surf around until I found an anti-gun website, then pirate those links to "prove my case") my 'facts' would be bullshit too.

I DO know two absolute facts, that are inescapable.

  • The United States has more gun violence than any comparable nation in the world (by a factor of 10 or more). The only reason (as literally countless studies on epidemiology of crime have show) is because of gun availability.

  • gun availability is because of the NRA and because of people like you.

So, here's a conjecture (based upon those two facts): you are (indirectly) responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans. I certainly believe this, and no internet link you find is going to change my mind.

I hold you responsible. Whether you agree, are enraged, think you 'won' the debate, whatever; school kids are getting killed because of you.

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