Michigan homeowner shoots 2 intruders; both found dead


What is really amazing to me is that you think you're fooling me.

You think I haven't looked at your comment history?

You think I didn't see you posted by (out of context) bit to "Shitguncontrollerssay"? Where you get the support and even adulation of other gun-nuts... and especially, automatic up-votes (for you) adn downvotes for anyone who disagrees with you?

You think I didn't already know how you amateur (or is it paid-professional) NRA propagandists work, with your downvote circles and brigading?

You think that we (that is, actual thinking, decent people) don't know how you trolls game Reddit?

**Most importantly, you really think this "works"... that you're actually convincing people?

You are jacking off, NorincoPlinko. (and whatever your other three dozen accounts are called). Nothing more. You are doing the lowbrow version of mental masturbation (without much 'mental', I do say.)

You get nothing but contempt from me. YOU are the reason why the internet is shit, why our country is going to shit.

Maybe you should get a real job? A hobby?

And here is the last thing I will write to you: are you really fulfilled by this? If not, why do it? If so... you have a small, nasty little life.

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